Extended DISC

Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electric once told a reporter that he spends 50% of his time on people issues. Extended DISC is a series of assessment tools to help with that 50%. It’s a roadmap of the behavioural characteristics that impact on our work, our judgements and our interaction with other people.

Extended DISC for You

The leading psychometric assessment tool Extended DISC® is now available to purchase and complete online

  • Get the best from yourself, your people and your organisation
  • Make career choices that play to your strengths
  • Identify ideal job roles, key strengths and motivators
  • Discover previously unknown development areas and devise suitable action plans in response
  • Complete the questionnaires quickly and easily online
  • Receive a comprehensive report containing more than 20 pages of analysis, interpretation, and suggestions for further reflection and action
Extended DISC for Your Business

By using Extended DISC, you and your team can:

  • Improve recruitment by employing the right person with the best characteristics for the role;
  • Improve individual performance of your team members by better understanding their strengths, motivators, development areas, and the management style they respond to best. You can also identify the areas where they can make the greatest gains in the shortest time – a great starting point for discussion;
  • Improve team dynamics by looking at the behavioural style of a team as a whole.
  • Understand where gaps exist and where the key strengths lie.

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To find out more, download:

Extended DISC Features and Benefits – 21kb