Strategic Consulting

We offer strategic consulting services in the following areas:

Selling Systems – we build sales play books and field guides based your organisation and the key markets you sell to. We build these for sales people and for sales leaders to coach to.

Sales Process & Sales Frameworks – part of our Beyond the Bluesheet sessions we build consistent, easy to follow sales processes that your team can follow and your leaders can coach to and your stakeholders can measure the effectiveness of.

Sales Effectiveness Systems – what should you be measuring and when including systems recommendations such as CRM systems. We have significant experience across, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP and are partners with global systems integrator Whitesprings.

Sales force recruitment – who should you recruit, why and what markets will they cover

Mindset & Motivation - Rob Hartnett is a sought after speaker in the area of personal success strategies which is an essential capability of successful professional sales people in any field. Click on to find out more

Go to Market Strategy – what are best strategies to market and sell your brand, product or services. We cover offline and online and social media through our partners

Distribution & Channel Selection and Management Strategy – How to select, manage and grow sales through distribution partners

Talent Management – we have a number of systems, tools and strategic advice we can provide around recruitment, management and motivation of people and teams.


Clients : 

We have done work globally and across Australia for leading organisations such as NAB. MLC, ANZ, Telstra, Optus, Tait Communications, Nissan, Mercedes Benz Financial Services, Vanguard Investments, Swinburne University, KTM Motorcycles, Prime Super, Ronstan, Sustainability Victoria & Clayton Utz